CEREC Same Day Crowns Philips | Benefits of Getting CEREC

It’s very important to have a strong and healthy set of teeth. However, cavity formation is inevitable. It is usually caused by diet, lifestyle, and hygiene. Without good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, these cavities can progress and cause severe damage to your tooth. To restore your tooth’s function and natural look you’ll need a dental crown. Getting traditional crowns can take two or more dental visits, but if you want instant results, then CEREC same day crowns Philips is the solution for you. Here are the benefits of getting CEREC same day crowns Philips:

No More Pink Impression Putty

CEREC same day crowns uses digital dental impressions instead of those pink putty that can make you gag. Not only are digital dental impressions less invasive, but they’re also more precise at getting measurements, creating a crown on the same day that fits perfectly over your tooth!

It Only Takes One Dental Appointment

Instead of waiting for weeks and having to come back multiple times to see your dentist for the placement of the crown and adjustments, with CEREC same day crowns you never have to go without teeth! Instant crown in just a few hours.

No Temporary Crown Needed

The traditional process of getting crowns require you to wear a temporary crown. Because the adhesive being used is weak, there’s a tendency that the crown might fall off, making it uncomfortable and bothersome. But with CEREC, your crown is created and placed in one appointment. No temporary crown needed.

what are cerec same day crowns philips?

Where to Get CEREC Same Day Crowns Philips?

Restore your teeth instantly with CEREC same day crowns Philips! At Northwoods Dentistry, our team of dental professionals is dedicated to giving you the beautiful smile you deserve through preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments. Contact us for inquiries!

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